Schools Music Workshop Day – What a Success!

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Wow! What a night!

After a full day of music and singing workshops, a concert was put on in Middlewich Civic Centre with all the participating children showing off their newly acquired skills. It was standing room only as they performed to a packed out hall, giving them all the opportunity to play and sing in front of a real audience. This can be a really scary thing to do but they all pulled it off and everyone watching was truly delighted!

In-tune would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who took part or came to watch the children and a special thanks to Music for Life for putting on the workshops.


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Now we need to start planning what we do next! If anyone has any ideas for events, workshops, musical activities etc. that they would really like to see happening in the town, please get in touch using our feedback form. We’re always open to new ideas!


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